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This is a complete list of the Methodology document templates, for Project Managers that are searching for specific documents. Detailed information on how to complete a template is provided within each document.

The first three letters of the document name indicate the phase in which the document is generally created (ex: DIS=Discovery phase). Any documents that have MAND in the name should be considered mandatory for all projects in IT Services.

NOTE: All documents stored in this library are templates. They do not reflect any IT Services costs, rates, or policies. The intent is to provide a sample document template that can be customized for each individual project.

Click on the document name and download a copy of the template. Internet browser settings will impact how these files are accessed. It is recommended that the templates be downloaded rather than opening them directly on the site.

Discovery-SMALL.png Discovery

PlanAnalyze-SMALL.png Plan & Analyze

 Design-SMALL.png Design

Build-SMALL.png Build

Test-SMALL.png Test & Prep

DeliverStabilize-SMALL.png Deliver & Stabilize

Manage-SMALL.png Manage