Plan and Analyze

 PlanAnalyze-SMALL.png Plan and Analyze

Plan and Analyze is used to prepare for and kick off the project. Resources are identified by role and committed to the project. The Project Manager develops the organization chart, project plan, and communication plan; prepares a detailed budget; identifies milestones and deliverables; and meets with team members to discuss roles and review project processes. The technical team begins determining how the project will fit in with the University of Chicago system architecture.

The Plan and Analyze phase of the Methodology helps resolve Resource Issues and sets the timeline for the project. The details of the project will be defined to both the Technical and Business areas, which will help define who wil do the work, when it will be done, and what is being delivered.

If external resources are required, or if you are buying software, IT Services Procurement must be contacted to assist in the process. They will help develop the documents needed for things like a Request for Proposal (RFP), Professional Services Agreement (PSA), and many other aspects related to external vendors. 

Process Steps

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Potentially Relevant Steps